Matrixectomy - Ingrown Toenail Removal Los Angeles

Treatment of ingrown nails ranges from soaking the afflicted area to surgery. The appropriate method is dictated by the severity of the condition. In nearly all cases, drainage of blood or watery discharge should mean a trip to the doctor, usually a podiatrist, a specialist trained explicitly to treat these conditions. Most practitioners agree that trying to outwait the condition is nearly always fruitless, as well as agonizing.

In mild cases, doctors may recommend daily soaking of the affected digit in a mixture of warm water and Epsom salts and applying an over-the-counter antiseptic. This might allow the nail to grow out so it may be trimmed properly and the flesh to heal. Note that infection may be somewhat difficult to prevent in cleaning and treating ingrown nails owing to the warm, dark, and damp environment in shoes.

Never ever attempt to alleviate the swelling using a needle, doing so can lead to an infection.

In severe or long-standing cases theses home remedies are usually ineffective: when the flesh is too swollen and infected doctor intervention is a must.


Ingrown Toenail Repair Los Angeles

This is an outpatient procedure normally done in the office with the uses of local anesthesia to the effected toe. The entire procedure should take less than 15 minutes to perform, though this can vary depending on if there are multiple ingrown toenails present.

The process to remove an ingrown toenail involves removing part or all of the nail and treating the nail bed underneath if needed.  In some instances, small portion of the nail root is also removed or cauterized “Matrixectomy” to prevent reoccurrence of the ingrown toenail.