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Toe nails (Toenail) are made of a tough protein called keratin. Along with hair and teeth they are an appendage of the skin.

Toe nails (Toenail) grow at an average rate of 3 mm (0.12 in) a month (as they are a form of hair).

Toe nails (Toenail) require 12 to 18 months. Actual growth rate is dependent upon age, gender, season, exercise level, diet, and hereditary factors.

Toe nails (Toenail) grow faster in the summer than in any other season.

Toenails may develop variety of diseases, disorders and infections, such as Toenail Fungus infection, Athlete Foot infection, Ingrown Toenails and Ringworm infection.

Practicing a good foot care routines and personal hygine helps, preventing fungal and bacterial infections of foot and toenails.

It is very important to take good care of our feet and nails, since nail infection and disorders may lead to more serious and complicated health problems. For example Toenail Fungus infection, may cause the nail plate to fall of the nail bed.

Visiting a Podiatrist or a Foot Doctor on regular basis, may prevent foot and ankle related problems, also it is important to warm-up and take precautionary measures while exercising, since many sport injuries , happens when foot ligaments, tendons and muscles are stiff and not ready for heavy load of tension and stretches.