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Bone Spur form due to the increase in a damaged joint's surface area. This is most commonly from the onset of arthritis. Bone Spur usually limit joint movement and typically cause pain.

Bone Spur form naturally on the back of spine as a person ages and are a sign of degeneration in the spine. In this case the Bone Spur is not the source of back pains, but instead are the common symptom of a deeper problem. However, Bone Spur on the spine can impinge on nerves that leave the spine for other parts of the body. This impingement can cause pain in both upper and lower limbs and a numbness or tingling sensations in the hands and feet due to the nerves supplying sensation to their dermatomes.

Bone Spur can also appear on the feet, either along toes or the heel, as well as on the hands. In extreme cases Bone Spur have grown along a person's entire skeletal structure: along the knees, hips, shoulders, ribs, arms and ankles. Such cases are only exhibited with multiple exostoses.

Bone Spur (Osteophytes) on the fingers or toes are known as Heberden's nodes (if on the DIP joint) or Bouchard's nodes (if on the PIP joints).

Bone Spur may also be the end result of certain disease processes. Osteomyelitis, a Bone Infection, may leave the adjacent bone with a spur formation. Charcot Foot, the neuropathic breakdown of the feet seen primarily in diabetics, will also leave Bone Spur which may then become symptomatic.

Bone Spur (Osteophyte) formation has been classically related to any sequential and consequential changes in bone formation due to aging, degeneration, mechanical instability, and disease.

Often Bone Spur (osteophytes) form in osteoarthritic Joints due to damage and wear from inflammation. Calcification and new bone formation can also occur in response to mechanical damage in joints, or at the attachment points for ligaments and tendons.

Dr. Kourosh Harounian is an experienced podiatrist, with years of experience in treating many foot related problems including Bone Spur .

Dr. Harounian is also a Certified Pin Pointe Laser provider, which is the latest advancement in Toenail Fungus treatment, using laser technology.

This new foot laser technology kills the Toenail Fungus , once and for all and has no pain, no recovery time, no anesthetics, no toxic medications or known side effects. The procedure generally takes less then 45 minutes.

Both Dr. Harounian?s clinics in Metropolitan & West Los Angeles areas are equipped with the state-of-the-art Pin Pointe Foot Laser machines.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from ugly Toenail Fungus , or any other foot or ankle related problems such as Athlete Foot, Bunion, Yeast or Fungal infections, contact us today and set your appointment.

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One possible reason for Bone Spur is aging.