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ankle pain

The ankle, or talocrural region,is the region where the foot and the leg meet.

Ankle fracture is one of the ankle disorders that causes an extremly painful situation, symptoms of an ankle fracture can be similar to those of ankle sprains ( pain), though typically they are often more severe by comparison especially from the pain aspect of the disorder. It is exceedingly rare for the ankle joint to dislocate in the presence of ligamentous injury alone.

The talus is most commonly fractured by two methods. The first is hyperdorsiflexion, where the neck of the talus is forced against the tibia and fractures. The second is jumping from a height - the body is fractured as the talus transmits the force from the foot to the lower limb bones.[9]

In the setting of an ankle fracture the talus can become unstable and subluxate or dislocate. People may complain of bruising, or there may be an abnormal position, abnormal motion, or lack of motion.

Diagnosis is typically by X-ray. Treatment is either via surgery or casting depending on the fracture types.

Ankle Sprain

Sprained Ankle

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