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Hallux / Big Toe

Hallux ( big toe (Hallux), great toe) is the innermost (most medial) toe of the foot. Despite its name it may not be the longest toe on the foot of some individuals.

People who go barefoot or wear open-toed sandals most of the time tend to have big toes (Hallux) that are separate from the others, whereas in persons who wear shoes most of the time, the big toes (Hallux) are squeezed toward touching the second toes.

Bunion is a common problem involving the big toe (Hallux) (hallux valgus), which is an abnormal enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint at the base of the toe.

Big toe (Hallux) is also the most common locus of ingrown nails and gout attacks. To learn more about Ingrown Toenail and other foot related disorders visit our Podiatry Knowledge Base.