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Foott is a highly mechanical part of our body that handles our weight by spreading the pressure on our toes.

Toes can develop painful deformities that can stop us from walking and running.

General Toe Deformities are:

Claw Toe:

Claw Toe is a deformity of the toes in which the toe joint nearest the foot is bent upward and the other joints are bent downward, the toe looks like a claw. More about Claw Toe

Hammer Toe:

Hammer Toe is a deformity of the toe, in which the end of the toe is bent downward. The deformity is in the middle joint of the toe. More about Hammer Toe

Mallet Toe:

Mallet Toe is a toe deformity like Hammer Toe , with the difference that the bent is in the distal joint of the toe.For more information about Mallet Toe check Hammer Toe

If you believe you or someone you know is developing any sort of Toe Deformity contact your podiatrist or Dr Harounian today and set your appointment.

Metropolitan Los Angeles Clinic:     213-484-0040
West Los Angeles Clinic:     310-477-9210

Dr Harounian is also a certified DPM ( Podiatrist), using Pin Pointe Foot Laser for Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment.

For more information about Pin Pointe Laser Treatment and Toenail Fungus treatment procedure, visit our Cutting Edge Toenail Fungus Treatment page.