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Claw Toe is a Toe Deformity , which the toe joint, which is closer to the foot is bent up and the other toe joints are bent down. Since the toe looks like a claw, it is called Claw Toe .

In general Claw Toe is not considered a dangerous disorder, but it may be the sign of a more serious problem or issue of the nervous system .

Claw Toes may be the result of some sort of nerve problems in the leg or spinal cord.

If you think you are developing claw toes , contact Dr. Harounian for an evaluation.

Metropolitan Los Angeles Clinic:     213-484-0040
West Los Angeles Clinic:     310-477-9210

Dr Harounian is an experienced Podiatrist, with years of experience in foot & ankle related problems and disorders, he is also a certified DPM, using Pin Pointe Foot Laser for Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from any sort of Toe Deformity , Heel Pain, Toenail Fungus or other foot related disorders call us today and set your appointment now.

For more information about Pin Pointe Laser Treatment and Toenail Fungus treatment procedure, visit our Cutting Edge Toenail Fungus Treatment page.