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bunion treatment

Bunion Treatments

Bunion may be treated by variety of different approaches based on the severity and consition of the deformity. Generally changes in shoe gear, foot orthotics, rest, ice compression, and medications may treat the toe deformity. These treatments address symptoms rather than correcting the actual deformity.

Bunion treating foot Orthotics are splints or regulators, There are variety of over-the-counter foot orthotics and custom-molded orthotics that are prescribed by a podiatrist for treating the Bunion Toe Deformity.

Bunion Surgery for correcting the Toe Deformity is a more permanent and appropriate approach, which must be performed by a podiatric surgeon and is generally required if the discomfort is severe or when the permanent correction of the toe deformity is desired. Factors that must be considered before a Bunion surgery includes age, health, lifestyle and activity level of the patient, since these factors play an important role in choosing the proper procedure.

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