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ankle sprain treatment

Ankle Sprain Prevention

The most effective treatment to Ankle sprain is basically to prevent it from happening in the first place.

To prevent ankle sprains, stretching exercises should be done through a full range of ankle motion.

To improve ankle mobility, ankle circles can be performed by extending the legs in front of the body and then moving the foot up and down, side to side, or rotating the foot in a circle.

Another common exercise to improve mobility is to use the toes to draw the letters of the alphabet in the air.

To prevent ankle ligament injury:

Ankle Sprain Treatment

Ankle sprain can be treated by Use of a proper compression wrap that could include warming pads and icing.

If the sprained ankle is not swollen, and it just hurts to walk on and has limited mobilization, it is generally recommended that the injured wear an orthopedic walking boot for two weeks and be on crutches for the first week at least.

Ice is often used to reduce swelling in cycles of 20-30 minutes on and 20-30 minutes off. Icing an sprained ankle for too long may cause cold injuries, indicated if the area turns white.

Although above instructions may be effective for minor ankle sprains, but we recommend you to seek a podiatrists adivce immidiately since torn ligaments and bone fracture may be have happened which immidtae medical care is crucial to their proper healing and prevention of further more serious complications.

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